MicroLam Korma (Pro NX-60+)

Granular Size Roasted Protein Value(DM)
MicroLam Korma is our finest product and available in flour form. MicroLam Korma’s protein value is up to 60% which is best in Guar Protein Meal category. Still it’s 100% Organic and manufactured with automation technology with no contaminants. Its packaging and storage condition are also excellent as it’s the most preferred product of Europe & Middle East. Its digestibility, palatability and overall nutritional composition is excellent.
Packaging & Storage:
Type of Bags Quantity
HDPE Bags 50.00 Kgs
Jumbo Bags 1000.00 Kgs

We can customize packing as per of your requirement.

Shelf Life: Our products have extended Shelf Life of 24 Months.